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Grandpa's 85th Birthday
The clan gathers to celebrate Grandpa Bud's 85th birthday in Rhode Island
2008.04.11->13 Birthdays
Pucci's Bachelor Party
Friends from high school, college, and graduate school descend on Chicago to wish Pucci a happy end to his bachelorhood
2008.04.04->06 Get Togethers
Libby's 1st Birthday Party
Libby celebrates her birthday with a lot of friends
2008.03.08 Birthdays
San Diego Trip
Visiting relatives, celebrating Avery's 3rd bithday, and going to Disney World
2008.02.20->25 Vacation
Trip to the Zoo
A trip to the zoo on an overcast day
2008.01.06 Outings
Best of Libby, 2007
A random assortment of never-before-published pictures of Libby
2007.BestOf2007 Family
Sarah's 30th B-Day Party
The whole group gets together to celebrate Sarah's big 3-0
2007.07.28->29 Birthdays
Libby's Baptism Weekend
Libby gets baptized
2007.07.06->08 Baptism
Fourth of July at Roxbury
An exciting night of fireworks and booze
2007.07.03 Holidays
Memorial Day with Terry and Susan
A wonderful lazy weekend spent with the grandparents
2007.05.26->31 Family
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